pair of wood-fired bowls

My old printmaking ways never left me, & these 2 bowls are an example of using my hand-cut stamps to decorate their interior w/ slip (liquid clay, in this case /w a black colorant in it).  The exterior of the bowls, however, was left entirely to the process of woodfiring, which was done over 5 days in Nelson County, VA, & which gave the outside of the bowls their vitrification & their dreamy, unique surface.  Each bowl is approx. 6.5" diam & approx. 3.5" high.  As with all of my pots that are meant for your kitchen and table, they are food-, microwave-, and dishwasher-safe, though pots will last longest if you hand wash them.  You can read more about wood- and salt-firing here.

pair of wood-fire bowls with flowers


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